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Welcome to Gomes and Company 

This is the website for Gomes and Company and Dr. Stephen L. Gomes. It includes information of Dr. Gomes' business strategy and alliance consulting activities as well as his international MBA and MPA courses and teaching. Gomes and Company specializes exclusively in creating, implementing, and revitalizing joint ventures and strategic alliances and working with early-stage start-up companies and non-profits. As the organization’s founder and senior partner, Dr. Stephen L. Gomes, has become one of the leading experts in the U.S. in all forms of strategic inter-organizational cooperation and collaboration. He has focused both on applied business stragegy as well as teaching the principles of international business strategy and alliances at universities all over the world. In 2008, after a several year-long sabbatical, Dr. Gomes returned to a very active business practice. At last count, he has lived, worked and taught in over 78 countries to date. For more information please feel free to browse this website or contact him directly by email at Steve@gomesandcompany.com.

Achieving Strategic Alliance Success

Professor Paul Lawrence of the Harvard Business School has said,

"It is imperative for future managers to understand cooperative business alliances because in the decades to come, managers will either be part of an alliance or competing with one.  Many alliances would have been saved from financial hardship, frustration, even failure had their founders had access to this information."  

·  For the last 15 years, Gomes and Company has been recognized internationally for its leading edge business strategy practice with a specialization in strategic alliance formation and management.   The organization has pioneered breakthroughs in high-performance, market-proven approaches to applied inter-organizational and intra-organizational cooperation including joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, strategic alliances, affiliation networks, channel alliances, marketing alliances, medical service alliances, partnerships and alliance conflict management.

·  Continuously performing best practices research, developing breakthrough ideas, and creating numerous proprietary methodologies to increase joint venture success, Gomes and Company has fresh approaches to impact each phase of strategic alliance development, from analysis and planning, to implementation and  operations. 

·  Gomes and Company has provided consulting services to Fortune 500 companies and has trained hundreds of senior executives in alliance architecture, implementation and management.

·  The purpose of Gomes and Company's value-added services for its clients is to significantly increase the degree of success in their alliances in less time than they normally would be able to achieve. Custom programs can be designed which provide these services in arrangements that are flexible, responsive, turn-key, and affordable.

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