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Mission and Purpose

The mission and purpose of Gomes and Company's value-added services for its clients is to significantly increase the degree of success in their alliances in less time than they normally would be able to achieve.   Custom programs can be designed which provide these services in arrangements that are flexible, responsive, turn-key, and affordable.
  • Vision

"Alliances are not just today's latest fad, but a fundamental way of doing business in the rapidly changing global marketplace.  We foresee that alliances will become an increasingly important method of leveraging a company's core competencies and expanding its competitive advantage."    
Dr. Stephen L. Gomes

  • Methodologies

Companies are recognizing the need for alliances to expand their markets, to improve quality and cost of supply and to innovate new technologies. However, the process of alliance formation has often been a rather rough-hewn, trial-and-error affair, frequently resulting in less than satisfactory results. Executives often fail to recognize that alliances need very special attention and a new set of management skills. Gomes and Company has developed a number of proprietary methodologies aimed at achieving several critical goals:

1.   Significantly improving the Success Rate of an alliance to at least 80%

2.   Increasing the alliance's Performance Breakthrough Potential

3.   Decreasing the Time and Costs of developing an alliance

4.   Ensuring proper Operations and Management once the alliance is underway

5.   Developing strong Commitment and Support at the top and middle ranks  

  • Focus    

Gomes and Company has been successful for five specific reasons:

1.  Specialization:  We focus on only one area of expertise -- cooperative alliances. We do not dilute our efforts by trying to be generalists in many fields.

2.  State-of-the-Art:  We bring to our clients the most advanced, accurate, and clear information on alliance formation and management. We are committed to continuously improving our programs and processes.

3.  Empowerment:  We strongly believe in imparting our knowledge of alliances up front as the process commences, resulting in your team being stronger from working with us.

4.  Experience:  All members of our team have had extensive operational experience in alliance strategy, negotiations, and operations. We are not 'professional academics' who bring impractical theories into your company.  

5.  Good Will-Enthusiasm-Motivation:  Each of our clients are treated with respect, under-standing and enthusiasm. In every case, we work collaboratively to co-create solutions that can be supported enthusiastically and successfully by all parties.  We package the latest developments and best practices in the science and art of cooperation in easy to understand and use modules.  By custom tailoring these principles, Gomes and Company can uniquely provide competitive advantage to those clients and organizations that want to take full advantage of the power of cooperative strategies to leverage their resources.

  • R&D

To maintain our state-of-the-art understanding of alliances, we have participated a number of 'best practice' research benchmarking studies of Best Practices in Alliance Formation and Management among top U.S. corporations. 

Dr. Stephen L. Gomes, the president and the founder of Gomes and Company, has written a number of articles on strategic alliances including the definitive work on  the subject of technology co-development alliances including a case study on third party facilitation for fast track alliance formation, entitled  "Benefits of Third Party Facilitators in Achieving Strategic Alliance Success" published by Stanford University in 1996. 

Currently, Gomes and Company is developing the next generation in alliances: the "Breakthrough Alliance Practices for the Global Networked Enterprise", which combines creating an internal breakthrough results-driven culture with a fast-time dynamic alliance leadership teams to meet the demands of a more collaborative, fast-paced and highly uncertain global business environment. 

We love our work and bring to all our clients the commitment to assist them in making their strategic alliances extremely successful. All of our approaches are custom-tailored to each client's specific circumstances.

  • Strategic Alliance Architecture

As strategic alliances become more and more useful in key competitive growth situations, many companies are entering alliances ill-equipped to handle the complexities of alliance management. In particular, we see the wrong selection of partners, the improper choice of strategy and a lack of understanding of the unique management skills required to make cooperative ventures successful.

During the last several years, we have developed a  market-proven no-nonsense practical approach to strategic alliances based on a series of sound proprietary methodologies. The approach includes:

  • Negotiation Frameworks

  • Process Design Systems

  • Development Models

  • Diagnostic Techniques

  •  Operations Analysis

  • Partner Selection Profiles

  • Management Methodologies

  • Financial Modeling

Our process is structured, disciplined, tested, verifiable and therefore replicable. It is neither a cookbook, nor a set of platitudes, nor a set of idealistic conditions.   As a result of our on-going research and analysis, we are constantly bringing the most advanced methods for successful alliances to our clients.

  • Professor Paul Lawrence of the Harvard Business School has said:

"It is imperative for future managers to understand cooperative business alliances because in the decades to come, managers will either be part of an alliance or competing with one. Many alliances would have been saved from financial hardship, frustration, even failure had their founders had access to this information."

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