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  Training Products & Programs
  • Alliance Negotiations Training

For the Alliance Negotiations Team: (1 or 2 days) Negotiating an alliance requires clarity of strategic objectives, a unique negotiating style, high sensitivities to cultural issues, and careful coordination among team members.  

  • Alliance Management Team Training

For the Alliance Management Team: (1 or 2 days) Alliance management is different from normal internal management, requiring a different approach for getting superior results through empowering people. Our unique framework and proprietary methodologies ensure that the alliance achieves the desired bottom-line results.  

  • Alliance-Based Selling

For Sales and Marketing Alliances: (2 days) A bold program for sales personnel providing new skills in selling using a whole new approach to building new partnering relationships. This program is a quantum leap beyond old transactional or consultative selling approaches.  

  • Executive Briefings on Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances

For top and middle managers: (½ or 1 day) These briefings highlight critical issues, key factors for success, and common pitfalls. This program is based on our considerable experience with alliances and our benchmarking studies of Best Practices.  

  • Procurement Alliances Management Seminar

For purchaser-supplier alliances: (1 or 2 days) This program is designed especially for companies who are restructuring their supplier relationships, implementing quality partnerships, or establishing sole/preferred supplier relationships to increase value-added by suppliers.

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