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  Research, Benchmarking and Diagnostic Assessments

  • Alliance Performance Review/Results Analysis

For existing alliances: Using staff interviews and diagnostic instruments, we will perform a productive operational assessment which not only evaluates current performance, but also diagnoses difficulties and prescribes workable solutions. We observe the alliance and use the review to generate a win/win for both companies. We can also work with internal operational auditing teams to provide valuable insight.

  • Corporate Implementation of the Alliance Process

For the Business Development team: We work with your internal team to create a process for implementing numerous alliances within one corporate entity. This program tends to be a favorite of Fortune 1000 companies with a committed program for growth through alliances.

  • Business Development

Strategic Partner Profile, Screen and Assessment: Working with the client, Gomes and Company will develop a profile of the ideal partner that will create the necessary synergy, based on the profile factors that are critical to success. To ensure client confidentiality, we perform an independent screening and due diligence process to assess and evaluate potential partners. Using a proprietary methodology, we develop an independent assessment of the potential partner’s abilities to work with our client, to share our client’s vision, and to implement the programs necessary to transform the vision into reality.

  • New Product Development

Market Assessment and Critical Success Factors: Many of our clients have proprietary technologies but are unaware of the opportunities for commercialization of these technologies.  Working with the client, we learn the technology and work independently to identify markets for its effective commercialization. In addition, our analysis identifies the critical success factors for product and/or technology commercialization which can be incorporated by clients in the screening process.

  • Channel Evaluation

Optimal channel selection and management:  Many of our clients realize the growing importance of effective channel management to achieve global market success yet they are unaware of how to optimize channel performance. Using proprietary frameworks, Gomes and Company analyzes channel performance and identifies actions to be taken individually by the supplier or the channel as well as actions taken together that will improve market performance and overall channel profitability.

  • Market Planning System Development and Implementation

Planning to ensure efficient allocation of corporate resources and realistic performance expectations:  Many clients introduce new products without a rigorous approach to market planning. As a result, unrealistic expectations are often created that are rarely achieved. Gomes and Company works with clients to ensure the development and implementation of a realistic marketing planning system including appropriate performance measures and management of top echelon expectations.

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