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  Consulting & Advisory Services
  • Strategic Return On Investment ('STROI') Work Session

For the Negotiations and Management Team:  (1 day for existing & newly forming alliances) This program creates powerful win/win strategic performance -- multi-dimensional results leading directly to successfully functioning alliances. STROI is one of the principal foundations of future 'networked systems' organizations and is fundamental for designing win/win alliances. We can work with up to 6 alliance development teams.

  • Alliance Action Planning

For the Alliance Negotiations & Management Team: (2 or 3 days) This work session creates a 'Program of Action', by interweaving the core material from the popular Alliance Seminar, with a highly effective strategic planning process, resulting in an interactive work session that accomplishes: 1) education of key managers and 2) creation of a core alliance team with a clear strategy and action plan for immediate implementation. This program derives best results when attendees come in teams of 2 to 5 people representing a common frame of reference, e.g. all procurement alliances, all marketing alliances.  

  • Alliance Revitalization Work Session

For existing alliances requiring increased performance:  (1 or 2 days) This program is aimed at existing alliances where there is a high level of current investment, but whose performance is not up to par. This work session creates a strategy and a plan of action designed to result in a quantum leap in performance with little increase in current resources. It is aimed at those people who have already attended one of our 'basic' alliance courses. (If a significant number of attendees have not been through one of our basic courses, this can be structured as a two day workshop with the additional time used to cover basic alliance issues.) It is recommended that this program be combined with a joint 'Strategic RelationShiftTM' work session with the alliance partner to maximize effectiveness.  

  • Negotiations & Operations Planning

For two companies desiring to form an alliance: We provide experienced workshop facilitators/architects and a powerful structure for moving through negotiations quickly and successfully. This program has resulted in exceptional results by providing an architecture for negotiations that puts the alliance on an action track to breakthrough performance.

All of these sessions are tailored to specific client circumstances and would employ Gomes and Company professionals with appropriate industry and functional experience. Further, unlike many other consultants, we are committed to successful implementation and execution of the action plans we help develop. We integrate all our service offerings - benchmarking, diagnostics, executive education - to maximize quality and team acceptance of the action plan. Once the alliance has been formed, Gomes and Company will work with management as a monitor and advisor, ensuring the alliance remains on track.  

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